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  Invisalign Teeth Straightening at the Ridge Dental Surgery

Invisalign Braces Free teeth whitening with invisalign braces



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Invisalign invisible braces








Invisalign braces are a series of aligners (very thin, hard, clear plastic trays) that are custom made to straighten your teeth. These are worn all of the time, except when you are eating. They are also taken out to clean your teeth.

John Hatfield was one of the first general dental practitioners in Bristol and the UK to become certified in the use of invisalign braces. He has been using invisalign, almost invisible braces, since early 2005.


Before Invisalign treatment     A beautiful smile after Invisalign treatment

They are almost invisible and surprisingly comfortable to wear. The aligners apply gentle pressure to gradually move your teeth. Each aligner is worn for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next aligner. Many patients in Bristol have been fortunate to improve their smiles with this treatment.

The number of aligners required to straighten your teeth depends on how crooked your teeth are to start with.



These lower teeth took 18 aligners to straighten:


crowded teeth before invisalign braces        beautiful straight teeth after invisalign treatment



We are currently offering free home tooth

whitening with all invisalign treatments.





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